OPI ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’ Collection Review, Photos, Swatches

In an exciting new collaboration with Disney, this time OPI channels the upcoming film, Oz The Great and Powerful with a limited edition 7-shade collection. This collection is a little bit of a mix of textures and finishes; with three SoftShades, three glitters, and one with the new Liquid Sand textured finish. With the exception of the Liquid Sand shade, I think this collection is best for layering—but I have to say I think the SoftShades stand strong on their own.

 “OPI is very excited to take this fantastical journey with Disney,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director.  “Inspired by the magic of Oz The Great and Powerful, this SoftShades collection captures the whimsy seen in the film, from glittery shades packed with white, gold and silvery iridescent confetti – Lights of Emerald City, When Monkeys Fly! and Which is Witch? – to soft neutrals in white, beige and pink – Don’t Burst My Bubble, Glints of Glinda and I Theodora You.

“The new Liquid Sand nail lacquer – What Wizardry is This? – features OPI’s groundbreaking technology for a textured, matte finish infused with reflective sparkle,” adds Weiss-Fischmann.  “This rich taupe hue was designed for James Franco’s character, the great Wizard of Oz, and is sure to make a bold statement this spring.”

Soft Shades — Don’t Burst My Bubble, I Theodora You, Glints of Glinda [Read more…]

Win It: Beautisol Tea Tan Glow Instant Tan Review/Giveaway (2 Winners!)

Meet my new secret beauty weapon!

As a beauty junkie, I feel I have a moral obligation to introduce you to the newest secret weapon in my beauty arsenal—Beautisol Tea Tan Glow. If you’ve ever gotten dressed in a skirt or dress, then looked down at your legs to realize you need a little color, this will be your best friend! It’s not a self-tanner, and it’s not a shimmer cream—but it’s the kind of product I’ve wanted for a long time. Tea Tan Glow is a wash-off body bronzer that delivers instant color, with temporary results. There’s no waiting, no DHA, and no streaking. It’s perfect for those days or nights when you need color, but don’t want the fuss or commitment of a self-tanner!

Beautisol Tea Tan Glow Instant Tan

Tea Tan Glow dispenses as a mousse, and application is super easy. It comes with a special application mitt that makes the process completely mess-free. Since it’s tinted, you see exactly where it’s going, and it’s the kind of product that you can apply one layer for a little color, or build it up to your desired level of darkness.  [Read more…]

Le Métier De Beauté Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duo Review, Photos

Yesterday was my 37th birthday, and I know that they say a true lady never tells. But I’m actually okay with it! A little scary getting closer to 40, but all-in-all, I’m comfortable. I’m noticing however, that things are shifting on my face a little bit. Not too badly, but I’m getting more lines and crepe-yness under my eyes. (UGH!) Sometimes it requires a little extra effort to diminish them or conceal, and it’s getting tougher to do as time goes on.

After a late night and a few birthday libations, I awoke this morning to some under eye puffiness, a little darkness, skin dehydration, and my fine lines were kickin’! I figured it was the perfect opportunity to put the new Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duo from Le Métier De Beauté to the test. Ready to see what it is and how it works?

The Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duo is a set of seaweed-based under eye masks that deliver immediate hydration, reduce puffiness, deliver brightness, soften fine lines, and firm the delicate skin under your eyes. Get this—they work in just 15 minutes! They’re packaged in convenient, on-the-go, one-time use sachets. So they’re ideal for travel (when flying just sucks all the moisture from your skin), or just for rough mornings where you need to look your best and most well-rested. [Read more…]

My Favorites: MAC Archie’s Girls Collection “Betty”

I am so sorry, and I realize this is a little after-the-fact, but my MAC Archie’s Girls samples arrived after most of the products were sold out on the MAC site. This collection is so comprehensive, that it really took me some extra time to go through and pick my favorites for both the Betty and Veronica portions. Just because some of it is sold out online, doesn’t mean you won’t find it at a counter! So I feel this info is still relevant and wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the pieces I really loved.

I’ve decided to break Archie’s Girls up into two posts; this one—my “Betty” favorites, and in an upcoming post, my “Veronica” favorites. (UPDATE: Veronica is featured here.) These “favorites” aren’t super-comprehensive reviews, but please consider them more as “highlights”. I hope you see some pieces you like, and that you’re able to make them your own!

MAC Flatter Me Pearlmatte Face Powder & Betty Bright Lipstick

What spoke to me most about the Betty products, was the sheer femininity and everyday wear-ability of the pieces. Nothing here is too over-the-top, and they all sing spring to me. I’m so ready for fresh, pretty, girlie color! I know a lot of you in the Midwest and on the East coast are over the cold already too, and want to break out your sandals and short sleeves. I feel like Betty gives us that glimmer of hope that it’s coming soon! [Read more…]

Currently Loving: Shea Terra Organics Premium Dark Chocolate Sugar-Stone Exfoliating Cream

Ever try something from a brand, then feel bewildered because you wish you would have been using their products all along? That’s how I felt with my first experience with Shea Terra Organics. Their Premium Dark Chocolate Sugar-Stone Exfoliating Cream is the bomb dot com. And yes, I just said that. I’m serious.

Shea Terra Organics Premium Dark Chocolate Sugar-Stone Exfoliating Cream

You know those sugar and salt scrubs that leave you slip-sliding all over the tub? Unlike most body scrubs, this exfoliant is in a very dense shea butter/cream base. Inside the creamy shea base (which smells like brownie batter, by the way), there’s dark chocolate, organic sugar, and volcanic stone. This creamy blend of moisturizers and exfoliants leaves the skin super soft, and very smooth—without any oily residue. [Read more…]

The Hot List: Milani Ultrafine Liquid Eye Liner

I’m typically not a liquid eye liner person, but there is just something SO right with these new liners from Milani. Retailing for about $7.49 at drugstores like CVS/pharmacy, you’ll find an array of five shades in the Ultrafine Liquid Eye Liner series. These are intensely-pigmented waterproof liners (especially for drugstore!) with an easy-to-use, fine felt tip. If you’re intimidated by liquid liners with wayward brush bristles, give one of these a try!

Milani Ultrafine Liquid Eye Liner

Shades available: [Read more…]

What’s New: MAC Nicki Minaj VIVA GLAM Nicki 2 Lipstick and Lipglass

Okay, so there’s a white elephant in the room, and I have to address it before I go any further. A few months ago, when details for this new MAC VIVA GLAM/Nicki Minaj series of lip colors were released—there were a TON of negative comments about it all around the web. To be fair, I read many positive comments too—but sadly, they were mostly negative. I’m more of a “glass half full” person, especially until I get a product in my hot little hands before making my judgements. I think it’s only fair!

VIVA GLAM Nicki 2 is now available in both a lipstick, and a Lipglass formula. Both shades lean pastel lavender-pink with entirely different finishes and pigment payoff between the two products. (And both are completely different from the original VIVA GLAM Nicki shade.) Let’s delve a little further, shall we?

In my opinion, there are three key customers for this lipstick/Lipglass shade:

  • There’s ME. I am an avid supporter of ALL things VIVA GLAM, whether I’ll ever wear the shade or not. Some may think that’s silly; but here’s what’s NOT silly about it. Since its inception in 1994, all VIVA GLAM sales have benefited the MAC AIDS Fund. 100% of the selling price of VIVA GLAM goes directly to men, women, and children affected by HIV/AIDS. Over $250 million, just from the sale of lipsticks, has changed the quality of life for people who really need it. It goes far beyond just being a lipstick for me. This is powerful stuff. [Read more…]

OPI Euro Centrale Collection Review, Swatches, Photos for Spring/Summer 2013

opi euro centrale collection

I’ve been pretty excited about this release from OPI for Spring/Summer 2013—the Euro Centrale Collection! It features a mix of both classic and contemporary shades, in bright playful hues, to creamy dark shades. From the palest shades, to the deepest blues, Euro Centrale will be the easiest fashion accessory you can wear this spring.

Ready to take a closer look at some of the shades that have stolen my heart? Let’s go! [Read more…]

Dial Lotion 7-Day Countdown to Noticeable Valentine’s Day Skin: Part 1

Like clockwork, it’s this time of year when the skin on my arms and legs is usually at its worst. Since I know I’m going to wear a lot of pants and sweaters during our short bursts of California winter, I often forget to even wear lotion, until I look down one day and see how dry my skin really is.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I want to get my skin in tip-top shape so I can wear a dress without showing off parched skin—and I’m taking a 7-day challenge with the new Dial 7-Day Moisturizing Lotions to see if they’ll deliver on their promises. This feature focuses on my initial first impressions with the lotions, and I’ll follow up next week with an update on final product performance.

Dial 7-Day Moisturizing Lotion is the first lotion of its kind to moisturize and keep skin soft for up to 7 days* (after an initial two weeks of use). Available in several varieties, I tried out two of them; the new Extra Dry Skin with Shea Butter formula, and Skin Therapy with Himalayan Pink Minerals. What amazes me most about both of them so far, is how fast they absorb, leaving non-greasy,  weightless moisture on my skin that’s clean to the touch. The exclusive formula found in Dial 7-Day Moisturizing Lotion is infused with 7 bionutrients that address the specific needs of your skin, leaving you feeling soft and clean.

The first one I tried is the 7-Day Moisturizing Skin Therapy Lotion. This variety contains Himalayan Pink Minerals, which are known to contain 84 key minerals that nurture stressed skin. I liked this formula the best so far, mainly due to its fresh fruity-floral fragrance.

The second I tried is the 7-Day Moisturizing Extra-Dry Lotion with Shea Butter. This contains essential fatty acids and natural anti-oxidant compounds to provide extreme moisturizing capabilities. This formula has a soft, powdery fragrance that’s nice and subtle.

I’ll check in next week to update if my skin is ready for that dress on Valentine’s Day, thanks to using Dial’s new 7-Day Moisturizing Lotion. In the meantime, stay up-to-date with the latest from the brand by liking them on Facebook at facebook.com/dial!

* after 2 weeks of use

Price & Availability…

February 2013—drugstores & mass retailers, 12-ounce bottle is about $4.99; 21-ounce pump bottle is about $6.99


I have been compensated by Dial for my time and participation in the challenge, however all opinions remain solely my own.