MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara Review, Photos

I never had the chance to own the original Extended Play mascara, but I’m currently the proud owner of the latest edition—the Extended Play Gigablack Lash mascara—and I’m glad. Because I think it ROCKS! What makes this “Gigablack” are the intense carbon black pigments that give just the right amount of color to my otherwise nearly invisible lashes. It helps them stand out, with just the perfect amount of glossy black color.

MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash

Its petite little brush makes it possible for me to reach every last lash, for clean definition, separation, and plenty of curl. And get this—my lashes stay put as promised…up to 16 hours per MAC. And it’s true! I even worked out in this (which I would normally never do), and my lashes were still pushed-up. While not waterproof, I didn’t experience any smudges luckily, and zero flakes. Whew!  [Read more…]

Quick Sneak Peek: China Glaze OMBRE ‘Wait Teal You See!’ Collection

I just got my hot little hands on this baby, the new OMBRE set from China Glaze in Wait Teal You See! The OMBRE Collection sets are available in three colors (also don’t miss the pink—‘Sweet Sensations’, or purple—‘Grape Expectation’ kits), and I’m dying to have a chance to experiment with this.

I haven’t ever attempted a full ombre/gradient manicure on my nails before, and I’m hoping this kit makes it easy—because it comes with four full size shades, and 10 sponges with directions. In Wait Teal You See!, you’ll score full size bottles of White on White, For Audrey, Aquadelic, and Turned Up Turquoise. These sets will retail for about $12.99 each, and will be available at Sally Beauty Supply.

I’ll update with my results in a few days! Wish me luck!

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L’Oréal Paris REVITALIFT Miracle Blur Instant Skin Smoother Finishing Cream Review, Photos

Unless you’re a lucky twenty-something, it seems like most of us are looking for the fountain of youth. Living well and taking of yourself, with an emphasis on great skincare seems to be most of the answer, but it doesn’t hurt when there’s a fab beauty product to help make the job a little easier, right? That’s where this new little ditty from L’Oréal Paris fits in, the REVITALIFT Miracle Blur Instant Skin Smoother Finishing Cream. Because who doesn’t want instantly smoother skin?

I’ve got plenty of enlarged pores, and some fine line lines that could use a little smoothing—and did I mention I’m thirty-something? I’m a perfect fit for this product. So let’s see how it did!


REVITALIFT Miracle Blur was inspired by the science of optical skincare, and it utilizes new “Opti-Blur Technology” to diffuse light in millions of directions to instantly erase the look of lines, wrinkles and pores. This provides instant skin gratification by “blurring” away fine lines, wrinkles and pores for a virtually flawless-looking complexion in about 30 seconds. In addition to the product’s instant results, Miracle Blur was formulated with broad-spectrum SPF 30 to protect skin from future damage caused by harmful UVA/UVB rays. That SPF 30 factor was huge for me, because I don’t think I own any other primers/optical diffusers that have a protection factor that high. Score one for me! [Read more…]

Easy to Wear Bright Eyes for Spring: Try These Pops of Color

Take a walk on the bright side!

One of the biggest trends you’ll notice this season are vibrant pops of color on the eyes. They can be more on the subtle side, or very dramatic. The good news is—it’s easy to accomplish them either way! Here, I’ve featured one of my favorite more dramatic looks, and one that’s easy-peasy that you can do in just a few seconds. All of these bold eye choices are available at Target, and they’re super affordable.

Feel free to improvise, of course, and just use these as your spring bright eyes inspiration! I’m curious to hear/see what everyone will come up with!

Neon Skirt Look…

This look was inspired simply by the beauty of the new L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Eyeshadow Quad in Neon Skirt.

To try…

When I’m working with bright eyeshadow colors, I like to make sure to use a base that will really pop it, so for that—Maybelline Color Tattoo in Too Cool really works. Just a light layer of this icy white cream eyeshadow anchors powdered shadow into place all day, and really pops the color. Then, I just applied the brazen bold tones of Neon Skirt on top of that which made them come alive. To finish, just a few coats of Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes—and my work was done!

Quick & Easy Green Glow Look…

Sometimes, I’m a little more one-dimensional with my eye looks, in the essence of time conservation. That’s why I LOVE the Maybelline Color Tattoo Metals in Barely Branded, and all of the COVERGIRL LiquiLineBlast Eyeliners. For this look, I used Green Glow, but you can do the same thing with the other bright shades this fun liner comes in. (The blue and violet are just as gorgeous!)  [Read more…]

China Glaze Hologlam Holographic Collection Review, Photos, Swatches

Remember the China Glaze OMG! Collection from 2007? I wasn’t fortunate enough to grab any of those holographic goodies back then…but no worries! China Glaze is stepping back into the holographic game this April with the Hologlam Collection, so get ready! Back by popular demand, these polishes use reflective, holographic particles to reflect light in a unique way in the nail polish world.

Simply put: I am now OBSESSED.

China Glaze Hologlam Holographic Collection

The dimension these give off is incredible, so much more incredible than a camera can capture in these swatches, because light at different angles really makes them come alive. And in natural sunlight? OMG! They’re BEAUTIFUL! I feel like my swatches barely scratch the surface of the dimension these offer, so please do yourself a favor and check them out in-person. [Read more…]

It’s Time to Blossom with These New Beauty Products from Target!

Have you cruised the beauty aisles at Target lately? If not, you must…all of the bright and beautiful spring products are out! I recently made a trip to my local Target and picked up some of the latest beauty baubles to feature in a series of springtime inspiration posts, and this is the first. (Oh, who am I kidding? I go to Target all the time!)

For this springtime inspiration look, I used three key products, with a MAJOR focus on the lips. I am ga-ga about wearing bright lip colors, so any chance I have to rock one, I will! With bold, bright lips, I really think the key is toning down everything else—otherwise it all ends up looking too busy. So for this look, I chose a super soft neutral eye. The idea was to make everything else take a back seat to my lips, while making my skin look fresh and polished for spring. I think I accomplished that!

Here were my beauty product choices…

Too Faced Sweetheart Beads Review, Photos, Swatches

The first sign of summer launches…

I know it’s hardly spring, and here we go with summer products…but this one is super cute, and one that you can use now! You may have spied this previously when I gave a sneak peek of the pending summer launches from Too Faced, they’re the Sweetheart Beads. Sweetheart Beads are the cutest little pearly heart-shaped pigments that give the face a radiant, warm glow.

Too Faced Sweetheart Beads

Somewhat similar to products like Guerlain Meteorites (yet much less expensive), the idea here is to swirl your brush in the beads, then use it to highlight or add contour. The sweet twist with Sweetheart Beads is that these give a little bit of a peachy-bronze effect to the skin, which I LOVE. I can’t tell you how many times I use a bronzer, then I use a shimmer/highlight product over it, and this totally eliminates that for me because I can just use one product. You can add just a little glow, or really build up the color to your desired shade. Genius!  [Read more…]

My Favorites: MAC Archie’s Girls Collection “Veronica”

Last month, MAC released the extensive Archie’s Girls collection, which took me some extra time to go through. Since the collection was so large, I decided to break it up into two posts; my “Betty” favorites (featured here), and my “Veronica” favorites which are featured in this post. Just because some of it is sold out online, doesn’t mean you won’t find it at a counter! So I feel this info is still relevant and wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the pieces I really loved.

MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick & Mall Madness Lipglass

Veronica’s tones are little more sultry than Betty’s, which were definitely very spring-like and girlie. Let’s check out the pieces I picked! [Read more…]

ZOYA Pixie Dust Special Texture Edition Collection Review, Photos, Swatches

Texture is the new big thing in nail polish, and ZOYA brings us their take on this trend with the Pixie Dust Collection. This special edition collection is comprised of six shades; all of which sparkle beautifully, dry matte, and have a textured look and feel. With Pixie Dust, you’ll want to use base coat, but you’ll skip top coat. The use of top coat will eliminate the special textured effect. (ZOYA actually recommends skipping base coat too, but I didn’t find that the use of one hurt the final look. I’d personally still wear it.)

When I first spied this trend, I wasn’t entirely sold on it—and you’ll see it from several brands this season. But as usual, ZOYA sealed the deal for me, because I think theirs turned out beautifully. I love the sugary, sparkling look!

Zoya Pixie Dust Special Texture Edition

In terms of application, these are actually pretty easily. The flow of the polish is consistent and even, and it takes about 10 minutes for the product to dry to a completely matte-textured finish. You’ll want to allow each coat to dry before applying the next. (For example, wait five minutes before applying coat two, then wait five more minutes to dry.)

The shade will actually determine how many coats to apply. I used two coats in all of the swatches below, but in hindsight, I wish I had used three on a few of the pale shades. While you can feel the textured bumps with these on the nail surface, I find that the ZOYA Pixie Dust formula is smoother than the OPI Liquid Sand finish, and that the effect is much more dynamic. Actual length of wear is still questionable for me with these since I haven’t had them long enough for a proper wear test, but I’m hearing around the blogosphere that the wear is still pretty decent, considering you’re not using a top coat. [Read more…]