Bare Skin: The first fragrance from Bare Escentuals’ Leslie Blodgett is HERE!

Bare Skin

Wow, this day just keeps getting better and better!  I’ve been waiting for this to happen for ages, and I know that Bare Escentuals/bareMinerals fans will likely be rejoicing and even hugging their annoying neighbors “just because” (okay, maybe not) now that Leslie Blodgett is releasing the first of several limited edition fragrances in her Perfume Diaries series!  Bare Skin will be available exclusively at Sephora on 10/15, but… I was just poking around on the Sephora website out of curiosity and found it’s already up and currently available exclusively to Beauty Insiders (it only takes a few seconds and it’s free to sign up), if you’d like to snag it– now’s your chance!  In all of my excitement, I almost forgot the most important part, the notes– top notes of black pepper, freesia, and anise with a vanilla orchid, iris, and plumeria middle sounds delish!  The description I have describes a soft musk at the bottom– you know I don’t do too well with those typically, even I surprise myself every now and then!  For some reason I have no doubt in my mind that Leslie selected this very carefully along with the perfumer, she’s highly involved in the research and development of all of the Bare Escentuals products and she knows what she’s doing, I would almost be surprised if I didn’t enjoy this when I try it.  Bare Skin was inspired by Leslie’s experiences during a trip to Mexico, where she explained she “cart-wheeled fancy-free down a sunny beach while emanating true, unbridled joy.”  Who wouldn’t love that feeling?  Honestly!

“When I have an experience, I like to have a scent behind it. Bare Skin, which is what Mexico reminds me of, is the way you feel when the sun is beating down on you during the day, but then you go out at night and you’re still sizzling from the warmth of the day which mingles with the night air and the music.”

Until then, join the Leslie Blodgett Perfume Diaries Fan Page on Facebook, and follow the Perfume Diaries on Twitter: @lbperfumediary

Bare Skin Eau de Parfum 1.7oz ($55)
Bare Skin Solid Perfume Compact ($35)
Bare Skin Perfumed Body Cream ($30)

I can’t wait to see the next release in the series, bring it on Leslie! As soon as I have a chance to review this, I’ll be as quick as possible to post it!

ULTA unveils “Windows of Love” for BCA Month

Ulta "Windows of Love"

Something that grabbed my attention and truly touched my heart while researching products and topics to feature during Breast Cancer Awareness Month was the “Windows of Love” campaign at ULTA this October.  Nationwide at ULTA stores this month, you’ll find letters written by people personally affected by breast cancer posted in the windows as a tribute.  ULTA invites you to share your story in a letter, where it will be posted in the store window– a unique display of encouragement to those who will undoubtedly draw strength from your courage!  6 miles of windows have been transformed into “Windows of Love”.

“As a woman, I knew the facts, I knew that I had a 1 in 8 chance of being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, sometime in my life…What I didn’t know was that I could be diagnosed at the age of 32, with no family history.” — Jill

“My name is Keri and I am a 36 year old wife, mother and a breast cancer survivor….Many in this world think only women in their 50’s and older get this dreadful disease.  We need to be the change, to spread the word to everyone that no lump go unchecked.” — Keri

“I won’t lie —- I think about my cancer a lot….I have been in remission now for five months and am thankful for each moment….I am here and I will fight the good fight to stay here.  I CAN DO IT…..YOU CAN DO IT.” — Bonnie

“When I was diagnosed I thought how can this happen to me?  I now realize I was given a chance to discover who I am and find strength I never believed I had.  I couldn’t have done it without the support and love of my great family – Tom, Stefan and Shelby.”  — Vivien

“My friend (and hero) Lynda lost her twenty year battle with Breast Cancer this year,  She died at her home on her 49th birthday….Lynda taught us how to live.  She taught us how to laugh, and with dignity, grace and courage, she taught us how to say goodbye.” — Chris

Also, send a love note to the women in your life with ULTA’s personalized Love Notes e-cards to show your support for finding a cure!  ULTA also guarantees a minimum donation of $50,000 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and encourages customers to help them reach their goal to raise one million dollars to support the fight against breast cancer.  Customers who donate $1 will be entered to win a beauty bag of pink products (one winner per store), and customers donating $10 or more will receive a pink “love” hat or scarf.  If you got a little misty-eyed reading some of the letters, it’s okay!  I did too!

And now for the boring stuff…

Dear Readers,

You’re all savvy dolls so I’m sure you’re already aware of the recent ruling by the FTC regarding the “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”.  If you’re not, I suggest checking out this GREAT article by Carleen over at Beauty and Fashion Tech!  As a result of this ruling, many of the blogs you’ve come to love that feature reviews and first-hand accounts of experiences with various beauty products and services are going to be implementing some changes in order to comply with the regulations, and so will Beauty Junkies Unite.

It’s commonplace in the industry for independent blog editors and the beauty editors at your favorite glossies to accept press samples of products from the brands or their public relations representatives to use as a tool to evaluate their performance– these experiences are then shared with you on our blogs or in traditional print media.  Not all beauty blogs participate in these opportunities, but Beauty Junkies Unite does.  This is something I’ve often struggled with because I don’t want anyone to think that my honest opinions could be so easily swayed by the lure of a free beauty product.  Yes, I LOVE me some beauty products– I’ve spent thousands of hours being certified for several positions within the beauty industry just so that I could be around them all day!  But rest assured, I’ve never accepted press samples as payment or as a contract for a positive review for the product or service and I never will.  I’ve accepted them first as tools to evaluate their performance, and second, I consider them for a product review or feature in an effort to keep the content on this blog current, and the material timely.  It would get pretty boring around here if I constantly told you about the same 10 of my Holy Grail beauty products over and over again and never added any new products, wouldn’t it?  Even though I purchase many of the products I review myself, I can’t afford to buy them all even if I wanted to!  I already get enough eye-rolling from my husband every time I try to sneak in the house with a Sephora bag… you have no idea.  To be completely honest– many of the products I am sent for consideration never make it on the site because I just didn’t love em’ enough.

Going forward, you’ll notice I’m mentioning the products I do receive for free as samples are stated as such– moreso than usual.  As a matter of fact, EVERY TIME you read a review I publish from this moment on, it will clearly be disclosed if the product was received for free either in the review itself, or in a disclosure at the bottom of the actual post.  I promise it’s not to sound like I’m such a special diva who gets a bunch of free stuff, but it’s to be in full-compliance with the new regulations regarding this.  It’s très tacky when people brag… I promise that’s not what I’m doing!  If I have not disclosed a relationship regarding that product at that time, it’s because I didn’t receive the product for free at the time of publishing.  This will go in to effect for product or service reviews published on or after October 8, 2009.  You may want to check out the new Disclosures & Content Use page for all of the official mumbo jumbo.  Thanks for reading all the boring stuff… we can now go back to having fun!  Viva la lipstick!


Tim Gunn & Laura Leighton take a stand with Marshalls against domestic violence

Shop 'Til It StopsMarshalls has always been one of my fave places to shop, but now I have a reason to love it even more– and so does everyone else!  Over the past 18 years, Marshalls has raised millions with their annual “Shop ‘Til It Stops” campaign benefiting the victims of domestic violence in the US.  Simply purchasing a pair of shoes will work wonders for the National Domestic Violence Hotline and the recipients of their much-needed services, assisting over 21,000 callers who reach out every month for help.

From October 1st-15th, Marshalls will donate $1 per pair of shoes purchased to the NDVH (up to $150,000).  As a symbol of how Marshalls is taking a stand against domestic violence, on October 1st– a tunnel was unveiled in Santa Monica, CA.  The one & only Tim Gunn and Melrose Place alum Laura Leighton presented this tunnel on the Third Street Promenade and yours truly was fortunate enough to attend!  The first 100 people who took a stand against domestic violence and walked through the symbolic tunnel received a pair of fabulous shoes from a beautiful selection which included high-end brands like Coach and Kate Spade.  Pretty awesome if you ask me!  Below are some photos of the event, as you can see I received quite the surprise when I was able to pose with the VERY charming and lovable Tim Gunn!

Tim Gunn and Laura Leighton speak out against domestic violence and introduce the tunnel to members of the media and everyone at the Third Street Promenade:

Tim Gunn

Laura Leighton

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Beauty for BCA: hair products

BCA 2009 hair products

Throughout the month of October, I’ll be featuring beauty products in which a portion of the proceeds from their sales will benefit Breast Cancer Awareness or foundations for cancer treatments and other cancer research organizations.  BCA month should be every month– but we can all make an impact this October, even if it’s just in a small way.  Here are a few hair products and styling tools that aid the cause!

UNITE 7 Seconds Dry Shampoo — This amazing dry shampoo makes second-day hair possible without a powdery look, while contributing $1 from each bottle sold to the Los Angeles County Affiliate Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s 8th Annual Fashion for the Cure.

ghd BCA 2009 IV Pink StylerThe limited-edition styling set includes a high-gloss baby pink ghd IV Styler, Styler pouch, tote bag, small brush, and 2 sectioning clips in a limited-edition gift box to support breast cancer research and achieve high-voltage style!

Philip Kingsley No Scent No Color Shampoo — Philip Kingsley donates $1 from the sale of every 250 ml bottle and .50 cents from every 75 ml bottle to Look Good…Feel Better, a charity that is focused on boosting the self confidence and self esteem of women undergoing treatment for cancer.  No Scent No Color Shampoo is perfect for anyone whose skin shows sensitivity to traditional shampoos, and was inspired Philip’s wife as she was undergoing cancer treatment.

Lucia Tristao Designs20% of the proceeds from every pink ribbon and rhinestone-adorned headband will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness programs and can be found exclusively at The Plaza Beauty by Warren-Tricomi.

Conair Power of Pink Ionic Hair Dryer — This inexpensive, yet high-powered styler is pretty in pink and donates $1 from each purchase to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The 2nd Annual Dior Diva Auction to benefit Look Good… Feel Better for women in cancer treatment

Dior Diva Auction

If you adore Dior, want to get involved in a great cause to benefit women in cancer treatment, AND take part in a fun auction where you’ll bid to win 1 of 5 amazing Dior experiences you’ll never forget for yourself– read on!

The 2nd Annual Dior Diva Auction begins on October 1st and will only run for 10 days.  You’ll have the chance to bid on 5 incredible Dior Diva prizes where 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Look Good… Feel Better program, a non-medical national public service organization that helps cancer patients improve their self-esteem by looking good, which makes them feel even better!  You can learn more about the auction HERE, and you must be a registered Dior Diva VIP in order to bid in the auction.  So get over there and register because VIP membership has it’s rewards anyway!  Which one of these incredible prizes would you pick if you won an auction?  It’s a tough call for me– it would have to be the Chérie Diva or Red Carpet Diva!

Live a day in the life of Miss Dior Chérie just like the commercial! Prize includes business class airfare, two nights at a luxurious Parisian hotel, a bike tour of Paris, lunch at a famous patisserie, a chauffeured tour of the sites and much more!

Give your beauty career a boost with a one-month marketing internship at Dior Beauty!

Escape to the picturesque countryside with a tour of the award-winning Unionville Winery, an 8-course dinner prepared by a local chef, and a night at the quaint Inn at Lambertville Station.

Receive previews of our fabulous makeup, skincare and fragrance launches each season for an entire year!

Experience the ultimate night out at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards! We’ll fly you and a guest to LA for the big event and make sure you look your best with a makeover by a professional Dior Artist!

Additional prizes will be announced on Dior’s Facebook and Twitter accounts soon!

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Hi lovelies!

Yours truly has been nominated as a finalist in the HyperLuxe Media Network Hot 100 for the best in beauty sites on the web.  I would truly be honored if you took a moment to cast your vote for Beauty Junkies Unite by October 12th– so the site would have a place in the Top 100 of beauty blogging sites!  Even if you don’t vote for me, maybe one of your fave sites is also a finalist and you can cast your vote for them… but hopefully you’ll give me the honor of your vote!  Thanks dolls!


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The key to staying healthy this flu season may be more elementary than you think

The most basic personal hygiene practice you learned as a child may be the one that prevents you from calling in sick this flu season!  We’ve all been there– the body aches, the chills, the relentless fever and constant runny nose… ugh!  Laying on the couch shivering under two blankets with an empty box of tissues is not exactly my idea of playing hooky.  This cold and flu season is sure to be a doozy, so what precautions can we take to avoid being miserable?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest the simple act of frequently washing your hands to be one of the most vital ways to prevent the spreading of colds and influenza viruses.  While the following suggestions are not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, these simple practices will contribute to the prevention of seasonal flu in addition to following other precautions as suggested by the CDC:

• Hands off!  I know it’s tempting, but avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.  It’s like giving a jerk an invite to your party, but he ends up crashing it with about 10 million of his obnoxiously drunk friends.

• Stay home if you’re sick! Don’t be a hero, even Wonder Woman has to take a sick day every once in awhile.

• Avoid close-contact with anyone who is sick.  It’s not anything personal, you just like not having to wipe your nose every 10 seconds.

• Cover your nose and mouth if you cough or sneeze with a tissue.  Throw the tissue away and wash your hands, ASAP.

• Wipe your keyboard, mouse, and desk with a disinfectant wipe daily.  While you’re at it– clean your phone too!

• Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water for 15-20 seconds or longer.  Sing “Happy Birthday” 2 or 3 times if it will help you remember.  Don’t forget to clean under your nails!

• No sink available?  Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer like it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Check out these tried & true germ-fighters:

1. Frais Everyday Hand Sanitizer – If there were such a thing as a swanky hand sanitizer, this would be it!  Frais uses 66% eco-friendly sugarcane alcohol and eight Australian-blended essential oils in their hand sanitizer that kills 99.9% of common germs that may cause illness.*

2. 13 Soap (Unlucky For Dirt) from Lush —  This rose and oregano soap is more than just pretty, it’s powerful!  Oregano oil has natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-parasitic, and anti-fungal qualities.  Wash potential illness-causing germs down the drain by washing your hands with this translucent, palm-free soap.

3. Purell Sanitizing Hand Wipes —  These individually wrapped sanitizing wipes are perfect for my purse or on-the-go when a bottle of hand-sanitizer isn’t the easiest thing to have around.  I love having these in the car to hold me over until I can get to a sink!

* Frais Luxury Products, FAQ’s

Fight acne with the power of knowledge!

As a recipient of the occasional cystic pimple and the more frequent bothersome whitehead or two– I’ve come to rely on a few products from Mario Badescu.  They’ve helped lessen my embarrassment from breakouts in the past year and even fought off my “bacne” this Summer, making it possible to wear tank tops without feeling super self-conscious!  Because of my experiences with the products I’ve used, I have full confidence in the brand’s recently launched online Acne Resource Center to get me through the rough patches.  I’ve always loved the MB website due to how informative and personalized it is and recommend it highly to anyone who just has a few skincare questions, or for anyone who is having a full-on skincare meltdown!

The Acne Resource Center is the perfect comprehensive online tool for breaking it all down and making it easier to understand the different types of acne and what causes it, how to get rid of them, and provides in-depth product knowledge while busting some acne myths!  Determine the proper regimen without even leaving the comfort of your pajamas… gotta love that!  A few of my Holy Grail products are from Mario Badescu– both the Drying Lotion and Buffering Lotion are AMAZING and I don’t ever want to be without them.  If you’re struggling with your skin and nothing seems to be working, give the resource center a shot.  The worst thing that could happen is you’ll walk away with a little more skincare crisis know-how than you had before!