LUSH Provides New Ways To Help Japan!

An email just hit my inbox, and while I’m not terribly fond of the copy & paste action—I feel I have to share this with you because it’s just too amazing not to:

As you know, the disaster in Japan is far from over.  The catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan hit very close to home for LUSH Cosmetics.  With 1600 staff members, 145 shops, and a manufacturing facility located in Japan, LUSH had to step in and support local organizations. These groups are working to rebuild affected areas and support Japanese citizens, some of whom are members of our very own LUSH family.

To aid in the relief effort, we are selling limited edition products with 100% of the proceeds going to various Japanese charities.

Touching, huh? So please take a moment to check out these new products, LUSH assures us that 100% of the proceeds will help Japan!    [Read more…]

12 Things Your Nail Salon Doesn’t Want You to Know
What Your Manicurist Won’t Tell You

See what dirty little secrets are hidden away at your nail salon

What Your Manicurist Won't Tell You

This is a nails article

What’s supposed to be a luxurious treat, could turn into your worst nightmare — think skin eating diseases and infections. Which is why we went straight to the pros including nail technicians and a podiatrist to uncover the secrets nail salons don’t want you to know.

Get secrets

Suave Professionals To Give Away 200,000 Free Full-Size Styling Products

I had to tell you that you can score a free full-size styling product from Suave Professionals, on March 24th. To celebrate the launch of “The Suave Challenge”, Suave is inviting women across the country to decide for themselves if the Suave Professionals line can perform as well as salon brands.

On March 24th, visit the Suave Facebook page for your chance at one of 200,000 free styling products from the Professionals collection. I don’t have exact details on how to claim your product, but I’m assuming that it will be similar to how other brands do their giveaways on Facebook—“Like” the brand, then fill out a short form with your shipping information.  [Read more…]

Giuliana Rancic Wants To Help You Get Fit, Have Fun, & Be Fabulous

Earlier this month, Giuliana Rancic celebrated the launch of her new website, FabFitFun. Whether it’s fitness, diet, wellness, or beauty tips that you’re looking for—her free daily emails will help get you on the right track! The E! News host and reality star was kind enough to answer a few questions for me, and here’s what Giuliana had to say…

I hear you’re not wearing foundation these days! Your skin looked amazing at the Oscars, what’s your secret?

In keeping with spring beauty trends – eau de natural – I’ve been wearing a lighter makeup look. For me, this meant skipping my foundation. I’ve been using the DDF Revolve 400X Micro-Polishing System and it’s incredible. It actually helps polish away my day-to-day imperfections, making my skin look absolutely beautiful – so, I really can skip my foundation. With a little concealer, eyeshadow/liner, gloss and bronzer, I am loving my lighter makeup look. [Read more…]

How to Help Japan

As I’m sure you know, Japan is suffering the devastating effects of an 8.9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami—and they need our help! Please take a moment to read this list of ways you can help Japan, compiled by The Huffington Post.

My sympathies go out to all those affected, whether directly or indirectly.


Catching up on my beauty sleep with Neuro SLEEP

Recently in my household, we experienced nothing short of a miracle. Both my husband and I had a full night of sleep, without the usual struggles we have trying to get there—and at the same time even. You can ask anyone who knows me, I have chronic insomnia, and I have suffered from it for years. I’m at the point where the best way to get me to fall asleep is to knock me out with a baseball bat. It’s bad! Really bad.

Neuro makes an incredible line of functional beverages, designed to enhance every mood or situation—and we’re totally loving Neuro’s SLEEP formula. I’m not claiming that what’s in this bottle has cured me…but it definitely helped for the several nights I drank it, and I’ve had some healthy beauty shut-eye as a result of consuming Neuro. What makes this unique is a blend of ingredients that have been clinically proven to normalize your circadian rhythm; melatonin, magnesium, and their 5-HTP ingredient that mimics the effects of tryptophan (why your turkey dinners always make you feel so sleepy and content). We’re actually sad that we’re out of Neuro SLEEP and can completely tell the difference between the sleep we had for the several nights we consumed it—versus now that we’re trying to sleep without it. Neuro isn’t a cheap date, so I think we’ll save it for those extra sleepless nights, but I think it’s worth it.

Check out the entire line of Neuro functional beverages: Sonic (mental function), Bliss (promotes happiness), Sleep (promotes restful sleep), Trim (weight loss), Gasm (pleasure), Sun (benefits of vitamin D), Aqua (California Adobe Springs water), and Sport (replenishes electrolytes).

Availability: for locations and online purchase; about $2-$3 each at retail locations

An editorial sample was provided by the company and evaluated to determine our opinion of the product in this post.  Please see the Disclosures page for further information regarding our policies for using editorial samples.

Available Now: MAC VIVA GLAM Lipstick and Lipglass Gaga 2

I’ve always been a supporter of the MAC VIVA GLAM products, even if some of the colors aren’t for me. With 100% of the proceeds from VIVA GLAM always going directly to the MAC AIDS Fund, it’s still a fantastic (and easy) way to support an important cause that will always require our awareness. Lady Gaga goes for round two with a coordinating beige lipstick and Lipglass this time—the shade aptly named, Gaga 2.

From MAC: [Read more…]

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It was just brought to my attention that the comments feature across the entire site isn’t functioning properly. I am SO sorry if this has affected you while you’ve tried to leave a comment. I didn’t have any idea it wasn’t working correctly, and now that I do—I’m bugging my fantastic programming guru for help, and racking my own brain trying to figure it out in the meantime. Please hang in there, and accept my apologies! If you ever have any site accessibility issues (or just want to say hi!), please don’t hesitate to email me directly!


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