Sneak Peek: MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus 2 Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus 2 Lipstick Lipglass

I know there are Miley Cyrus fans out there, and for some of you — she’s not your cup of tea. That’s totally okay! But what I’m hoping is that you’ll appreciate and support her second Viva Glam effort — Viva Glam Miley Cyrus 2 Lipstick and Lipglass. (You can check out the first Viva Glam Miley shade here!)

I write a very similar post with every Viva Glam release, so if you’re already aware of the good a single Viva Glam Lipstick can do, spread the word! If not, I hope this inspires you to get involved since 100% of every Viva Glam purchase goes directly to the MAC AIDS Fund.

Just one Viva Glam Lipstick can equal…

  • 1 rapid oral HIV test
  • 8 nutritious, home-cooked meals
  • 1 school stationery starter pack for a child orphaned by AIDS
  • 1 vegetable garden starter pack for a community garden
  • 2 safer sex kits
  • 1 month of personal transportation to and from doctors visits
  • 2 hours of childcare for a woman during a medical appointment
  • 14 blood glucose monitoring strips
  • 1 pair of shoes for a child orphaned by AIDS
  • …and more!

With that, I want to share a sneak peek of the newest hue. This time, Viva Glam has gone orange! I recall lots of pinks, neutrals, and reds in the shades of Viva Glam past, but not an orange like this. I opened the tube and thought to myself it would never work for me, but I received so many compliments while I was testing it last week!  [Read more…]

The Little Black Bottle Full of Magic — CoverFX Custom Cover Drops

CoverFX Custom Cover Drops

I’ve been waiting for a brilliant innovation like this for a long time! Meet the new Custom Cover Drops by CoverFX. I’m in the middle of a torrid love affair with these babies in the little black bottle, and I have to tell you all about it. It’s kinda magic!

little bottle full of magic

What they are…

Custom Cover Drops are a unique way to customize many of your existing complexion and skincare products into a nearly endless combination of skincare benefits and levels of foundation coverage. If you’ve ever wanted to turn your favorite moisturizer into a tinted moisturizer, add more coverage to your beloved foundation, or slightly alter the undertones and shades of your existing complexion coverage products — you are in luck! These unique pure pigments are encapsulated in an extremely lightweight base of skin-smoothing dimethicone and Lecithin for the most seamless appearance. I can accomplish all of these things without altering the texture or performance of the product I’m mixing the drops with.

They’re available in an impressive array of 24 shades, in pink, neutral, and golden undertones. As someone with fair-to-light skin, I picked up shade N20, and it was perfect for many of my moisturizers, hydrating anti-aging oils, and serums. It also works great with moisturizers with sunscreen, but I would probably bump up my shade to N25 if I used a mineral-based sunscreen, since those tend to turn things more pale. CoverFX really is a leader in the industry, they have perfected the levels of coverage almost anyone would need within their extensive range of foundation products for just about anything you can think of. Whether you prefer BB or CC creams, full-coverage cream formulas, or liquids — Custom Cover Drops are the perfect companion product to everything you already have.

coverfx drops

One of my most favorite ways to use them is by adding two drops to my preferred CoverFX primer — the Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment. It’s awesome, because I get all the benefits of the primer; it’s matte, makes my pores look super smooth, and also contains a little salicylic acid to help with breakouts. It’s the perfect complexion perfector, and it’s all about me.  [Read more…]

Neutrogena Silky Smooth Challenge + Bonus Giveaway!

neutrogena body oil

I’ve got to be honest — I’m usually not a body oil person. Despite being a Neutrogena Ambassador, can you believe I hadn’t tried their Body Oil until this challenge? I wanted to see why this has been a cult favorite for years, so I started off with exfoliating my skin by dry brush on a Sunday, and then applied Neutrogena Body Oil after my shower once a day for a week.

desk cal

The reason I usually run from body oils — they typically make my skin feel too sticky, oily, and leave marks on my clothes. With this one, that’s not the case at all! I was so surprised that I wasn’t running for the sink to wash my hands too, since Neutrogena’s light sesame oil formula allows for quick absorption. I even tried getting the oil on a silk scarf a minute or two after I applied it — and it didn’t transfer.

It’s hard for me to explain, but it’s sheer and hydrating at the same time. It’s available in both a fragrance-free and their original formula, and I have to admit — I’ve become a little hooked on the slightly warm, yet fresh scent of the original formula. It doesn’t really linger or interfere with my perfume, but the pleasant light scent has become part of my morning ritual too!  [Read more…]

Sneak Peek: LATHER Chia Seed & Passion Fruit Cleansing Oil

lather chia seed passion fruit cleansing oil

Earlier this month, I went out to Pasadena to visit LATHER — and wow, you guys. If you haven’t been to a LATHER — you’ve got to go. (See store locations here.) It is like a heaven where everything smells so incredibly comforting and authentic. The creams and scrubs are all top-notch quality, and their ancillary products are killer too. And the blending bar? That’s a post you’ll see from me soon. (I made my own fragrance oil!)

But for now, I want to give you a sneak peek of a new product that’s launching next month — the Chia Seed & Passion Fruit Cleansing Oil.

lather ingredients

First, let’s get the notion out of our heads that all oils are bad. I swear they aren’t! As a matter of fact, oil cuts through oil. If you’re someone who has oily skin — please don’t be afraid of this product!  [Read more…]

The New Kérastase Paris Couture Book of Braids Will Rock Your Hair for Any Occasion!

kerastase braids couture

Yesterday, I sat in a courtyard — watching about 25 beautiful women having seemingly effortless, chic braids placed in their hair by Kérastase Paris — and the view was glorious! The art of the braid has always troubled my hair personally. I have very fine hair that slips through your fingers, and I don’t have a lot of it. Truth be told, my sad little ponytail is often pencil thin. If I stand any chance in the “making it work” department, I need products to get my hair to perform. I met two such products yesterday, and scored the deets on a pretty great book from Kérastase that shows you how to get the braids of your dreams.

Let’s go check ’em out!kerastase braidsLook at those braids! Aren’t they gorgeous? I told you!

The most important part to me is the “how”, and judging by your social media feedback yesterday, that seems to be almost everyone’s main challenge. So to make it easy, Kérastase just released an e-book that is absolutely free for download at It’s beautifully illustrated — with suggestions for braids for every occasion — shows you all the steps, tricks, and also recommends the best product(s) for that particular style. What more can you ask for?  [Read more…]

Our Favorite Summer Body Washes

favorite summer body washes

Summertime calls for a little extra freshness if you know what I mean, and these body washes my household has been using this season have all the right stuff! Check out which yummy fragrance and cleansing combos did the trick.

olay fresh outlast body washes

OLAY Fresh Outlast Body Wash Collection

You guys, all four of these scents are incredible, but I have to say we took a liking to the Cooling White Strawberry & Mint immediately. (But we truly love them all!) The one thing I really like about OLAY’s body washes, is not only that they work — but since they’re made by one of the world’s most recognizable skincare brands, their body washes take on hydrating characteristics that don’t strip skin or make it feel tight. You have to give all of these a sniff, then try to put them down! $6.99,

herbal essences line up

Herbal Essences Honey, I Smell Good Body Wash

Remember when Herbal Essences released their first body washes back in 2013? They just expanded the lineup with new fragrances! I LOVE Honey I Smell Good, because honey — it really smells GOOD. I don’t find that these dry me out like soap can either, and the throwback to all of the delicious Herbal Essences shampoo fragrances doesn’t hurt either. 90’s me is thrilled! Make sure to check out all of the scents. $4.29,

me bath summer rain body wash

ME! Bath Summer Rain Body Wash

I was so happy when I learned that pampering spa brand, ME! Bath entered Target. This fab line is now more easily accessible, but also pretty darn affordable. Summer Rain reminds me of those hot summer days, when all of the sudden there’s a little warm rain — where the air smells so fresh and clean. This body wash is pretty concentrated, so a little dab on your shower pouf will do the trick! $7.99, 

[Read more…]

bliss is Now at Kohl’s, Let Me Show You What Makes Me Bliss-ful! + Bonus Giveaway

bliss at kohls

To celebrate bliss now being sold at Kohl’s, I wanted to share some of my bliss favorites with you, and also share some of the things that make me bliss-ful! Since bliss believes that happiness is the result of total well-being, there’s no time like the present! I’ve been lucky enough to visit a few bliss spa locations over the years, and you might haven’t had that opportunity yet. Let me show you some of my favorite products!

easy bliss facial

I can give myself the most quick and easy, brightening facial with just the products you see above!

  • I start with the Fabulous Makeup Melt gel-to-oil cleanser. It cuts through makeup (even waterproof), and makes sure pore clogging sunscreen is zapped!
  • Next up, I have to fully cleanse, so the Fabulous Foaming Face Wash is a favorite in my house. Even Mr. Beauty Junkies uses it! (Plus, it smells SO good!)
  • For quick skin brightening, the Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask is a MUST. It foams up and tickles a little, but the five minutes it’s on is totally worth it. It releases oxygen molecules and detoxifiers to eliminate skin dullness.
  • Finally, I finish it off with the Triple Oxygen Ex-glow-sion! Vitabead-infused Moisture Cream. It contains another kick of oxygen to the skin for added radiance, while conditioning and protecting the skin with Vitamins E and C. *Don’t miss the giveaway for this below!
  • That’s it! Easy, right? Bright, bliss-ful skin is then mine!

[Read more…]

Meet the $3 Solution for Flaky Lips — elf Lip Exfoliator

elf lip exfoliator

If you have flaky lips, or wear matte lipsticks, this is for you! I know you could easily make your own lip scrub at home, which I’ve done many, many times. But sometimes you need something portable for your purse or travel. My coconut/olive oil and sugar concoctions aren’t exactly purse or travel-friendly, so I opt for this! The elf Lip Exfoliator is a champ at sloughing off all the rough stuff for about $3 at most retailers. Not too shabby, eh?

elf studio lip exfoliator

I was skeptical about this baby to be honest, but I was SO wrong! I’ve been wearing mattes a lot lately, and this preps my lips for a smooth canvas. The ingredients are really simple and effective, too.  [Read more…]

Laura Geller Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation Review, Photos, Swatches

Laura Geller Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation

I’ve been testing so many foundations lately — so I wanted to make sure to show you this one since I thought it was a little different than the ordinary. This is the Laura Geller Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation with Color Correcting Pigments. (More on that cool compact with pretty products you see there in a few.) The foundation launched a few months ago, and I’ve worn it several times.

laura geller Baked Liquid Foundation

It comes in a 1 oz. bottle, which has a pump that I think dispenses the perfect amount of product in one-to-two pumps. What makes it most unique however, is the process in which the foundation is made! The scoop is that the pigments are baked on terracotta tiles for 12 hours. After baking, the pigments are jet-milled into a super fine spheres of color correction particles. This process yields pigments that are supposed to stay true all day.

After that, water is infused with vitamins and botanical extracts to help benefit the skin. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Aloe vera moisturizes and soothes
  • White Tea extracts (found in all Laura Geller Baked products) provide antioxidant protection
  • Black Currant Seed Extract & Hibiscus hydrate, condition, nourish, and soothe
  • Vitamin E hydrates and protects
  • Optical light diffusers add a glow to the skin, and blur imperfections

Next, it’s all combined with the enriched water base to create a weightless foundation texture for your skin. Wah-lah!  [Read more…]