Fab Find: Freeman Bare Foot Peppermint & Plum Heel & Callus Balm

With as neurotic as I am about my cuticles and nails, I’m equally as neurotic about my feet. Especially my heels! Often, a lotion doesn’t cut it, so I turn to thicker creams and balms to work their magic on my feet.

A fab find, Freeman’s Bare Foot Peppermint & Plum Heel & Callus Balm is a nice treat for dry and tired feet! This creamy balm smells like plums and has a slight cooling effect due to the peppermint which is a refreshing sensation. And it’s not too tingly, it’s actually just right. It also contains tea tree oil—often known for its antiseptic qualities, but I think it just adds a little bit more of a soothing factor here.

After a summer of wearing sandals, you’re going to need this to soften callused heels! And at less than $5, it’s a great beauty basic to keep your arsenal to apply before bedtime as a preventative measure.

Price & Availability…

About $4.49, drugstores, drugstore.com

An editorial sample was provided by the company and evaluated to determine our opinion of the product in this post. Please see the Disclosures page for further information regarding our policies for using editorial samples.

Currently Loving: mark Make It Rich Lip Color Crayons

Pigmented, pretty, and budget-friendly? That’s the name of the game here with mark’s Make It Rich Lip Color Crayons. I got my hands on these and have been a fan of their rich color and full-coverage capabilities ever since. Is it a lip gloss? Is it a lipstick? You decide! This hybrid formula stays put for me for a few hours of wear and feels creamy. Your shade selection might play a role in determining length of wear however, as Hot Sauce lasted 2 hours longer on my lips than Naturally—but I was still impressed by these!

mark Make It Rich Lip Color Crayons

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Review: It Factor Quick Blowdry Shampoo & Conditioner

I know I’ve said this on the blog before, but in this case, it bears repeating. I am a former hairstylist that absolutely loathes blow-drying her own hair. I dislike it for a few reasons—one of them being that I’m just not coordinated enough to twirl a brush in my own hair enough to make it look professionally done. The second reason—time. It takes me 15-20 minutes, of standing in my 100 degree bathroom, breaking a sweat, just to have a fresh blowout. I’ll do anything I can to get myself out of that situation! So if you tell me there’s a way around this (aside from spending $35 at Drybar), I’m all over it.

I’ll admit, I had my doubts about this—but enter It Factor Quick Blowdry Shampoo & Conditioner. It Factor promises that by using their shampoo and conditioner in tandem, you will cut your blow-dry time by up to 50%. So maybe it wouldn’t solve my dexterity problems, but it would solve my timing problems, and I gave it a go. And you know what? It worked like MAGIC. My 15-20 minutes was cut to eight minutes. Less time holding a blow-dryer up to my head and sweating in my bathroom? Sold. (In full-disclosure, I have fine hair, so your time may be longer depending on texture!)  [Read more…]

Review: Dove Clear Tone Antiperspirant & Deodorant

I’m not trying to brag here, but I’m a really good resource when it comes to testing deodorant.  Between teaching Zumba classes several times a week, running around the house chasing my son and working in a high-pressure job…well that is the perfect combination for somebody who needs an effective deodorant like Dove Clear Tone Antiperspirant & Deodorant. Hence, I’ve got the perfect pits for the task.

I’ve always been a big fan of the Dove deodorant line so I was very excited to try this product, especially because it promised to help diminish uneven skin tone—in other words getting rid of those pesky red or dark marks under your arms caused by lack of moisture.  [Read more…]

5 Back-To-School Beauty Basics for a Tight Budget!

With summer coming to a close, back-to school is near—maybe it’s even already started in your area. Back-to-school shopping is often done on a tight budget, but you don’t have to sacrifice your precious beauty products! These five beauty basics deliver on performance without sacrificing on quality (or too much cash). These are must-haves that you’ll love, even on the tightest of beauty budgets!

Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh Body Lotion

In a recent survey, 80% of consumers who have tried Vaseline in the past reported that the improved Vaseline Total Moisture is better than the old lotion. Count me in! I love this lightweight and freshly-scented body lotion for making my skin feel healthy and hydrated without any stickiness or residue. Total Moisture Aloe Fresh quickly absorbs into my skin for long-lasting skin hydration that lasts all day. $3.99

SIMPLE Replenishing Rich Moisturizer

As one of my newest (and most favorite) budget beauty basics, SIMPLE Replenishing Moisturizer hydrates my facial skin all day—without any fragrance, dyes, or harsh irritants. With Pro-Vitamin B5, this softens my skin and restores its moisture balance. $10.99  [Read more…]

Fab Find: Herban Essentials Essential Oil Cleansing Towelettes

The best way to avoid hand sanitizer bottle explosions in your purse is to not carry those pesky little bottles—but then what do you do to keep your hands fresh and clean? Enter Herban Essentials Essential Oil Towelettes.

Essential oils each have their own special properties; for example eucalyptus is supposed to invigorate, peppermint should energize, lavender is meant to calm and lemon aims to uplift.  Now, imagine these scents infused in a moist towelette that actually feels kinda sorta like a towel and you’ve got a winner. [Read more…]

Review & Swatches: Too Faced ‘The Return of Sexy’ Eyeshadow Palette

With fall collections in full swing, we’re slowly saying sayonara to the bold brights we’ve been seeing since last spring. While I’ll sincerely miss all those fun pops of color (and I’m not quite ready to give them up until at least mid-September), I do welcome some sassy, sexy shades in my world! One fall offering I could not pass up is the new ‘The Return of Sexy’ eyeshadow palette from Too Faced. The fall collection from Too Faced has seriously ROCKED so far. (Oh, hi La Crème Lip Cream Lipsticks and new Perfect Eyes Eyeliner shades!) Let’s just say, it doesn’t end there.

Without further ado, meet your sultry new best friend—The Return of Sexy. This pretty palette holds 15 generous pans of color-coordinated neutrals, passionate purples, and sexy greys. Also included; a full size Perfect Eyes Eyeliner pencil in Perfect Black (it’s amaze and stays put for me), and a deluxe size tube of Too Faced’s cult-fave eyeshadow primer, Shadow Insurance. When I first read the price for this, I did a double-take, because it had to be incorrect. At $48, it is literally a steal. If it were only the eyeshadows for $48—that would break down to $3.20 a shade. But guess what? You’re also getting a full size eyeliner that retails for $18 on its own. So you don’t need to be a mathematician to see what an insanely KILLER deal this is. (And let’s not forget the three how-to cards and Shadow Insurance.)

If you’re as excited about this as I am now, let’s take a closer look!

Too Faced ‘The Return of Sexy’ Eyeshadow Palette

The eyeshadow shade breakdown…

The Ingénue

  • Naïve — iridescent cream
  • Ingénue — brown gold glitter
  • Casting Couch — dark chocolate
  • New in Town — golden shimmer
  • Innocent — dark copper

The Icon

  • Pink Diamond — matte shell pink
  • Icon — wine plum shimmer
  • Divorcée — cool grey pearl
  • Hopeless Romantic — plum satin shimmer
  • Primadonna — amethyst purple shimmer

The Bombshell

  • 7 Year Itch — off white pearl
  • Bombshell — grey silver pearl
  • Hollywood — pewter
  • Maneater — rose tea shimmer
  • Beautymark — onyx silver shimmer

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Review: Freya Scandinavian Skin Science Skin Care Collection

I am a sucker for packaging and when I saw these ice-blue rough glass baubles staring back at me, I had to do my best not to judge a book by its cover. After two weeks of using Freya Scandinavian Skin Science, I’ve decided that like any good book, there are ups and downs. Freya is an arctic marine-based skin care system that pays homage to traditional Scandinavian skin care, while infusing some modern science into the fold. Let’s take a closer look!

Arctic Cleansing Water: An amazing light cleanser that makes skin feel refreshed and clean. It’s kind of like soapy water with a tiny hint of fragrance. Directions suggest applying it to a cotton ball and massaging it on your face and neck; no rinsing necessary. However, after a few uses, I felt it was necessary to do a rinse with cool water and continued that practice. Otherwise, my face had residue on it that drove me crazy. [Read more…]

Review: Joico Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray

Joico created Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray to help protect hair from Enemy #1—humidity. I was extremely skeptical of this product working, I’ve tried anti-frizz cremes and serums and washed my hair with mayonnaise and you’re telling me all this time I could have bought a bottle of this stuff and saved myself years of hassle?

(Editor’s note—The second I laid eyes on this product, I KNEW Dilara would be the perfect candidate to test it, the midwest is indeed a very humid place! –Amber)

We had a week of pop-up showers and I gave this product a total workout. Morning walks to work were done under a cloud of humidity so heavy I had to re-apply my deodorant when I arrived at my desk. But my hair? Picture perfect. People were even casually saying “You have the best hair—it isn’t even frizzy.” [Read more…]