Staycation Ideas to De-Stress, and Recharge!

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If you’re like me, sometimes you have to forego what I like to call a “real” vacation for a staycation. For me, a staycation means exploring what’s in my own backyard — whether it’s a scenic picnic spot, new walking trail, or reading a good book on my balcony, I can always find ways to keep myself busy for a few days. I can’t hop on a plane and go wherever I’d really like to be (Hawaii ALWAYS sounds good!), but we can save a lot of money and just chill out at home when we have to. Here’s a little bit of what I’m doing!

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First, I have to prep! I’m extremely lucky to live in Southern California, and the sun shines here more often than not. That means I wear sunscreen consistently, and can stay tan safely, year-round with self-tanner. (You should opt for the sunless method too!) Jergens® recently introduced three products to easily make that happen; their Natural Glow® Color Primer In-Shower Scrub, Natural Glow® Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse, and Natural Glow® Tan Extender Daily Moisturizer. I’ve been able to use all three with great success!

tan before after

Left to right: With/Without

Since I’m so fair, I opted to go with the Light Bronze shade of Jergens® Natural Glow Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse (it’s also available in Dark Bronze). I did one application on two consecutive days to perfect my tone to something that was more believable and natural looking for me. But the product that really sealed the deal was the Natural Glow® Tan Extender Daily Moisturizer. It smells incredible, keeps my skin hydrated with the help of cocoa butter, and maintained my self-tan for the week (with just a touch of self-tanner included) — without letting my self-tanner look patchy as the days went by.

Having a relaxing staycation can be pretty easy in these parts, so I didn’t have to look far. I promise I’m not bragging! I hope you can incorporate some of these ideas into your own staycation adventures.

For my successful staycation…

  • Reading material! What’s a staycation without your favorite magazines and a good book? I even borrowed Gone Girl so that I could finally read it. (I saw the movie first.)
  • Bright nail polishes so I can give myself a mani when I need some quiet time. Painting my nails is seriously my favorite activity when I just want to be calm and content.
  • Fresh veggies for grilling, and fruits for snacks. The pineapple and strawberries at our Farmers Market right now are delicious! Don’t underestimate a morning at your local Farmers Market (and grab yourself some flowers while you’re there).
  • Iced tea — my favorite staycation drink! You can do a tropical cocktail or two, but I wanted something super refreshing. I’ve got a freezer full of ice and several lemons on-hand at all times.
  • Google areas of interest in the area you’re unfamiliar with, and go there! Walking trails? Check. Museums? Check. Walk around and act like a tourist? Check!
  • Have a few friends over for a barbeque.
  • Read poolside (with my realistic faux-tan), fave sunglasses, and a good amount of sunscreen.

staycation activities

Wish you were here! What are your favorite things to do on a staycation?


From Jergens:

Life’s too short to spend hours in the sun. Tan in an Instant with the Jergens® Instant Sun™ collection. Use the Jergens® Glow Advisor today, and receive a $1 off coupon!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Jergens®.

Best of Summer: Self-Tanners

best of summer self tanners

Finding the best self-tanners of this summer was not a task I took lightly! I literally spent months testing, and I tested so many—I truly can’t remember the exact number. There were even times where I’d have one leg slathered in one brand, and the other leg coated with another. Sometimes…those results weren’t exactly pretty! These were the 8 that made the final cut, and why. For best results with any self-tanner (except those that spray), I highly recommend applying with a self-tanning mitt. It not only protects your palms, but enables even application, so you can skip the streaks.

Beautisol Med-Dark Self-Tanning Mousse

Where do I start with my love affair with Beautisol? I’ve been using the products since their initial launch in 2009, and the new Medium Mousse is THE BEST self-tanner I’ve ever used. No kidding. This tinted mousse has color-corrective pigments that eliminate orange and yellow tones, to give you the most beautiful Mediterranean glow—and you can see exactly where it goes. Another feature is their Pure-Scent Technology; it ensures that you have a minimum amount of that icky DHA scent, and it stays smelling fresh (kind of like a fresh-linen scent) while your tan is developing. I won’t go without this one, year-round! $33.90,

Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse

This self-tanner from the UK is now available in the States, and features an innovative technology that binds the formula to your skin longer by matching up with your pH. The 2-3 week claim isn’t indicative of a single application—it refers to 3 applications. You’ll need to apply additional layers of pHenomenal for the best results. A single application lasts about 7 days (still pretty good!), and after your third, lasts up to 3 weeks. (Wait at least 8 hours between those layers!) It has a slight caramel scent, and is tinted so you don’t miss any spots. The color was gorgeous, lacked orange, and faded evenly. Available in Fair, Medium, and Dark; I used the medium formula and was very happy with the results. $54,

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Beauty Quickies: tarte Golden Opportunity tarte To-Go Kit

tarte golden opportunity kit

Perfect for summer getaways, the new tarte Golden Opportunity Kit is home to travel sizes of two of their best-selling products—Amazonian Clay Bronzer in Park Ave Princess, and Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Self Tanner. Both products are tried and true beauty junkie favorites!

tarte golden opportunity

With both products, you can get a healthy dose of summer color that’s believable and gorgeous. The Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Self Tanner made our best of summer self-tanners list (coming soon), and here’s why: it’s loaded with hydrators, Vitamin C, and essential fatty acids for healthy skin. It’s really helpful that the self-tanner is tinted, so you can see exactly where you’ve applied, making tanning accidents less likely. [Read more…]

Win It: Beautisol Tea Tan Glow Instant Tan Review/Giveaway (2 Winners!)

Meet my new secret beauty weapon!

As a beauty junkie, I feel I have a moral obligation to introduce you to the newest secret weapon in my beauty arsenal—Beautisol Tea Tan Glow. If you’ve ever gotten dressed in a skirt or dress, then looked down at your legs to realize you need a little color, this will be your best friend! It’s not a self-tanner, and it’s not a shimmer cream—but it’s the kind of product I’ve wanted for a long time. Tea Tan Glow is a wash-off body bronzer that delivers instant color, with temporary results. There’s no waiting, no DHA, and no streaking. It’s perfect for those days or nights when you need color, but don’t want the fuss or commitment of a self-tanner!

Beautisol Tea Tan Glow Instant Tan

Tea Tan Glow dispenses as a mousse, and application is super easy. It comes with a special application mitt that makes the process completely mess-free. Since it’s tinted, you see exactly where it’s going, and it’s the kind of product that you can apply one layer for a little color, or build it up to your desired level of darkness.  [Read more…]

Out & About in Los Angeles: Save 50% on L.A.’s BEST Mobile Spray Tanning Service, Born To Glow!

The best mobile spray tan in Southern California is at your fingertips!

As I sit here, looking out of my office window this afternoon, Los Angeles is a bright and sunny 70 degrees. We don’t get much of a true “winter” here, which usually comes in the form of just a few chilly, rainy days for the entire season. As Los Angelenos, we’re spoiled with beautiful weather almost year-round; as such, we can wear short sleeves in December (like I am right now), and a spray tan is seemingly always in style! One of the perks of living in Southern California, right?

Which brings me to tell you about my recent experience with a mobile spray tanning service, Born To Glow. Founder Jennifer Lee is an incredible spray tan expert, who brings the service to you! Jennifer was in and out of my home in just 30 minutes, and I was left with the best spray tan of my life. Aside from being mobile, Jennifer custom blends your solution, so you receive only the color you desire. I like a light-to-medium shade, and she really delivered on her promise! (It lasted over a week and faded beautifully.) And unlike any other tanning service I’ve ever had, Jennifer uses the most revolutionary equipment in tanning technology today, for a unique “heated” spray tan.

As the warm solution is disbursed and sprayed on the skin, you can hardly feel the mist. So those shivers and goosebumps you get from cold tanning solution hitting your skin? Totally non-existent with Born To Glow! (Goosebumps don’t exactly make the best canvas for great tanning results.)

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6 Tips to Practice ‘Safer’ Sun & Maintain Your Faux Glow

Swim Week dominated Miami last week, with glamazon runway models and fashion lovers alike flocking to the beach for a week of gorgeous swimwear, and even more gorgeous sun-kissed bodies. I’m hearing we’ll see the return of the high waist (not sure if I’m crazy about that idea), and the rise of the sexy bikini—which is always in style. What’s also always in style? Healthy skin. Who better to look to than the team of stylists backstage at the Mara Hoffman Swim Resort 2013 show for tips to achieve the best bronze possible—while still practicing safer sun?

  • Protect your skin by applying a luxurious amount of sunscreen. Stylists used Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration lotion sunscreen to prep the models’ skin. With hydrating ribbons infused with luxurious silk proteins and rich shea butter, Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration lotion sunscreen pampers and protects skin when in the sun, providing 12-hour moisturization while still providing safe and effective broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.
  • Your face requires about a teaspoon of sunscreen for the best coverage, while your arms and legs require about a tablespoon. Adjust accordingly for the torso. For maximum protection, wait for it to soak in (15 to 30 minutes) before indulging in the sun.
  • Reapply sunscreen often, at least every two hours. Sweating, swimming, and towel drying can remove sunscreen from your skin’s surface, so be sure to reapply when needed. [Read more…]

Review: Hampton Sun Sunless Tanning Gel & Serious Shimmer Cooling Spray in Pearl and Bronze

I would consider myself a connoisseur of sunless tanning products. If it promises to give me a golden glow, without smelling like cat urine, I’ve likely tried it. When I first heard of Hampton Sun Sunless Tanning Gel, and Serious Shimmer Cooling Spray, I was so excited to get my mitts on them both! With a sunless tanner that promises “an ultra natural looking, streak-free tan… and no lingering scent”, I already had visions of my pasty skin morphing into a gorgeous golden bronze right before my eyes.

The texture of the sunless tanner was smooth and very easy to apply. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a color-guide that shows you where you have applied it, but the consistency is very user-friendly, and the resulting color is streak-free and even, if you follow the directions. Within two hours after the initial application, a pretty tan began to emerge. Though the initial application had a very soft, clean scent, I was disappointed that as the color developed, the typical DHA-skin reaction smell had become apparent. It did fade about four hours after application, and the resulting color—though subtle, lasted about five days.  [Read more…]

Go For The Glow: 6 Bronze, Golden, & Shimmery Skin Enhancers Without the Commitment

Are there ever times when you’re getting dressed that you wish you had just that little extra something to make your arms and legs look fabulous? Self-tanners aside, these tinted wonders are what we call “one & done” products—once you’re finished with them at the end of the day (or night)…you just wash them off. We’ve rounded up 6 that look great on all skin tones; whether you want to camouflage skin imperfections, fake a tan, get that healthy glow, give muscles definition, or make your body look incredible—these are the ones to try!

Gleam Body Radiance by Melanie Mills

Gleam was created by an Emmy Award winning makeup artist who needed something to make the dancers’ bodies look flawless on Dancing With the Stars. Melanie Mills is known in the industry for her signature body finishes for film and television, so it’s only natural that she created the perfect body radiance product! Add a luminous glow with this velvety product that doesn’t transfer, and makes any skin tone look lit-from-within. Available in Light Gold, Rose Gold, Bronze Gold, and Deep Gold—but Melanie says Rose Gold is what all of the Dancing stars wear!, $25-$40

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Beach Sexy Tan Enhance Shimmer Lotion With Tint

Who needs a tan when you have the perfect bronze tint? While it will make a tan look sexy…we like this shimmer lotion just the way it is—with Vitamin E, shea butter, shimmer, and a little temporary bronze tint to make legs look great with a skirt, dress, or shorts., $12 [Read more…]

Best of Summer: Self-Tanning Products

It’s fun to push the envelope and take chances in beauty, but when it comes to self-tanning products–we prefer no surprises!  Since May, I’ve subjected my skin to countless sunless tanning and bronzing products.  Let’s just say some of those experiences were better than others!  I’ve walked around town with streaks, splotches, and orange legs to prove my loyalty to the cause (and hopefully spare you the trauma)!  And after all of those walks of shame where my tanning disasters were out in the open, I bring you the products that didn’t let me down in the hopes they serve you well too.

Best Smelling

Beautisol All Seasons Glow — The genius behind Beautisol is their innovative SMELL RIGHT™ fragrance technology.  It encapsulates the unpleasant processing odor by up to 80%.  I can personally verify that it’s quite possibly the best smelling tanning product on the market, and it works!  Way to go Beautisol!

Best “One & Done”

Victoria’s Secret Beach Sexy Flawless Airbrush Instant Bronze Body Spray — If you like to see results instantly and don’t want to be married to a fake tan until it fades away, this one is for you!  Spray away to your heart’s content, and when you’re done for the day, wash it away!

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