Win It! Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Optimizing Skin Serum Giveaway (4 Winners)

With cult favorites like Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream, and iconic fragrances like Red Door, it’s no secret that celebs and Arden fans alike flock to their favorite products, putting them on their holiday wish lists! Just last week, Allison Williams from HBO’s smash hit Girls stopped by the Elizabeth Arden Recharge Room to stock up on her favorites for the holidays.

Now, you have a chance to win one of Allison’s favorites! The Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Optimizing Skin Serum. This serum uses their retinyl complex to gently retexturize skin while preparing skin to receive the benefits of your unique skin type regimen—revealing healthy, glowing skin!

Details & How to enter…  [Read more…]

Holiday Gift Inspiration 2012: Beauty Gadgets

Fit for the ultimate beauty junkie, check out these beauty gadgets for the girl who has everything!

The gadgets…

T3 Source In-Line Shower Filter

You would be SO surprised to find out just how damaging the chemicals in city water can be to your hair and skin! This shower filter fits with any shower head and uses Copper, Zinc, Calcium to work together to convert and remove free-chlorine, improving filtration and pH balance. This filtered water is much kinder to your pricey hair color jobs, and helps make your skin softer!,  [Read more…]

Out & About: Facial Bungalow in West Hollywood

I’ve had many, many facials in Los Angeles—and I’ve also reviewed several estheticians in the area with whom I’ve been impressed with. Some are great with extractions, some may have used a special technique or two, while others have been very tranquil. I may have even been very enthusiastic about their skill level. But I recently had a facial with Trina Renea at Facial Bungalow in West Hollywood, and I was completely blown away.

Trina Renea is in a word, incredible. She is so deeply passionate about skincare that she does not want to miss a single detail! She sat down with me at a quaint table in the facial room for a complete consultation, which made me feel incredibly comfortable—and the situation less clinical. I can’t remember in recent memory, any esthetician that didn’t plop me on their table, turn on the light, and THEN ask me what was going on. Trina gave an extremely thorough and personal consultation before we even got started. She pays attention to detail unlike anyone in the business I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.

Not only is it important for a skincare expert to be passionate, but the skill level has to match. Trina is extensively informed; having studied cosmetic chemistry, and she’s even developed her own line of products, Trina Renea Skincare.   [Read more…]

Review: Ratio Skincare Oxygenating Face Wash

You had me at “oxygenating”…

If there’s one thing in skincare that makes me absolutely batty, it’s an ill-performing facial wash. Give me a zit, here and there, and I’ll deal. But a facial cleanser that leaves a grimy film behind, or just feels weird isn’t for me. I typically prefer things that slightly foam, have antioxidants of some sort, and contain soothing, aromatic ingredients like lavender. Luckily for me, the Ratio Skincare Oxygenating Face Wash I just used for two weeks delivered on all three. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take creamier facial cleansers if they get the job done. But there’s something about the lure of foam.

In that case, Ratio had me at “oxygenating”.

Ratio is a skincare line from Dr. Andrew Ordon, and his partner, Dr. Ritu Chopra. The former of the duo you may recognize from the television show, “The Doctors”, but I tried really hard not to let that sway me one way or the other. I like Dr. Ordon, and I enjoy how the show breaks down the most complicated medical mysteries into versions I can understand—but I really wanted to ignore that as I went into it. [Read more…]

The Eyes Have It: 4 Moisture Boosters for Dehydrated Under Eyes

The products…

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Review: Davi ‘Le Grand Cru’ Face Cream

Wouldn’t it be nice if like fine wine, our skin got better with age? When Carlo Cesare Mondavi founded his beauty line, Davi, that very well may be what he had in mind. Carlo Mondavi comes from a strong legacy of winemakers—his grandfather is Robert Mondavi. Imagine a luxurious skin care product that captures the beauty of wine, steeped deep with family history—and you’ve got Davi.

Luxurious is an understatement when it comes to describing Davi’s Le Grand Cru skin cream. They consider it the centerpiece of their line and it is easy to see why. Formulated with shea butter, rosemary, green tea, grape extracts and vitamin E, along with their exclusive Meritage anti-aging complex, they’ve found the perfect balance of moisture and protection for your skin.  [Read more…]

Currently Loving: Beauty Foods Nightly Beauty Drink

Great skincare is more than just slathering the latest miracle cream on your skin, because that’s just one part of the equation. Just like the importance of wearing sunscreen and drinking plenty of water, giving the skin nutrients internally is essential to optimal skin health. Beauty Foods is a brand out to make that variable easier for us, with their line of Nightly Beauty beverages. For about the cost of a daily latte habit, you can try this innovative product.

Nightly Beauty is a super-charged hot beauty drink meant to encourage balanced sleep and skincare benefits, and is available in three flavors. I tested all three, but I have to say my favorite was the Chocolate Chai Renewal flavor. It was absolutely delicious! Another favorite of mine was Chocolate Bliss, which is like drinking a rich hot chocolate. You’ll find a cocktail of vitamins and minerals for overall wellness inside Nightly Beauty.

The lure of this product for me actually came with the relaxation and healthy sleep claims—because you know how I struggle with insomnia on a regular basis, and I’m pretty high strung. I can use some relaxation! (Who couldn’t?) Nightly Beauty also contains highly bio-available forms of two natural sleep enhancing extracts, AlphaWave L-Theanine and AlphaWave Calming Blend; both of which promise to set the mood for relaxation. [Read more…]

Review: Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil & The Cleanser

Amber asked me to check out Indie Lee’s The Cleanser and Squalane Facial Oil because she knows that:

1.) I am a total natural products kind of girl, and;


Needless to say, these products did not disappoint.

First, a little background on Indie Lee herself—she suffered from a near-fatal brain tumor. She wondered if some of the ingredients in her beauty products could have contributed to her health scare, so when she awoke from surgery in 2009, she decided to start producing a line of beauty products that don’t contain harmful additives or chemicals. In the last few years, I’ve been paying more and more attention to ingredients in my beauty products as well—you can never be too sure. So I appreciate her approach on beauty.

I opened The Cleanser, and it immediately took me back to the third grade to my Barbie Spa Bath. It was this bathtub for Barbie that came with a little button you pumped to create suds in her bathtub. It even came with a big bottle of Barbie bubble bath to put in it. I thought this was kind of weird, but the familiar fragrance made me eager to try it. [Read more…]