Try This: Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash (Video Review)

Over the past few months, I’ve discovered something. Even though I’m not really Proactiv’s target consumer—there are actually several products in the line I’m finding to be beneficial for my skin! I’ve been sharing those products in a series of reviews for you, with the hopes that you’ll find some of the same products helpful for you as well.

While “bacne” isn’t the most fun subject in the world to talk about, it is something I’ve been struggling with for a while. I finally figured out what was causing it, and it may be the same thing causing yours too! Check out my video review for the Deep Cleansing Wash to find out what it was, and how I’ve been able to manage it better.

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Review: Broadway Nails Nail Dress Stick-on Wraps Nail Stickers

Nail art isn’t easy, Minx manicures rarely come on the cheap, and sometimes just painting your own nails can look more like a crime scene than a perfectly polished set of fingernails. It’s hard to achieve a perfect 10, so several companies have launched at-home nail art/nail polish stickers to help us out. While some are actual nail polish strips, these are from Broadway Nails. Their Nail Dress Stick-On Wraps are actually stickers to help you create an instant nail makeover. I tried them out to see how easy they were to apply, and how well they lasted…let’s see how they did!

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Review & Swatches: Lit Cosmetics Multi-Stack Lit Kit Glitters

Good glitter can be hard to find! Even though I’m not at a point anymore where I really want to sparkle much (1999 was another story, however!), I do like the occasional glitter liner—and I know there are plenty o’ gals that fiercely (and fearlessly) rock glitter all the time. Hats off to you my lovelies, here’s a brand out of Canada, Lit Cosmetics that you’ll probably love!

Their specialty is glitter, glitter, and more glitter, and they have a unique liquid base to keep it in check. We are talking COUNTLESS colors of glitter with varying finishes; metallics, solids, shimmers…you name it. On top of that, you can choose the size of your glitter—like how large the particles are themselves. Size 1 is the smallest cut, size 2 (what I tried) is the middle of the road, and size 3 is straight-up blingin’! [Read more…]